Friday, September 13, 2013

Ink fun: Turquoise

Autumn is here, chilly, rainy and dreary - the time of year where I like to turn to ink in the colors of warm brown, orange, red or green. However, some cheerful turquoise never goes amiss!

Here's a small scale comparison of the three turquoise inks in my possession: Waterman South Sea Blue, Visconti aquamarine and Diamine turqoise.

I played around a bit with Pilot Parallel pens, can't say I'm really a fan yet, I guess I'll have to practice some more... Especially the broader ones are quite demanding when it comes to writing angles and such - not at all like my forgiving stubs and cursive italics!

If not viewed exactly next to each other the inks look very much alike, but there are subtle differences. South Sea Blue is the darkest ink with the most prominent sheen, whereas Vixconti blue is quite light, greener than the other ones and has nearly no sheen at all.

They're all reasonably well behaved - though I've got the feeling that all turquoise inks can a little reluctant flow wise which can lead to trouble when used in pens with the same predisposition. 

I'm planning to do some more comparisons like this one and show you my inks.

Pens: Pilot Parallel Pens 2.4, 3.8 and 6.0 mm
Paper: Le Typographe Belgian Notebook, dot grid (review about Le Typographe)

Pictures also starring a Danitrio Genkai in kuro-tame nuri Urushi.

Do you like and use turquoise inks? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Turquoise is used a name of the color in English since 1853. I love this color. It is the combination of comfort and prestige. I loved Visconti marine in this post and get use to Caran d'Ache former Caribbean Sea. Now it is Hypnotic Turquoise. What is your favorite?

    1. I never considered Turquoise a particularly prestigious color - but what do I know about formal etiquette. Is it really?

      My favorite: definitely Waterman South Sea! It has it all, the light blue, the dark blue, legibility, shading and even some sheen when the pen is wet enough. Inexpensive too... what more to ask? If it were agreeing with all pens flow wise I guess it would be too good to be true.

      I got the Visconti Aquamarine with a pen. It's sitting in my bookshelf as a decorative object, it's one of the old bottles, a huge glass flacon and very top heavy, I'm always extra careful when filling a pen from it.

  2. Noodler's Eel Turqoise is nice. One of Noodler's lubricated inks. I just wish I could find a turquoise that shades really well with wet flex, sigh... Thanks for the peek. David in Jakarta

    1. I have to say I'm sceptic about Noodler's ink, which might be silly... I only have Apache Sunset, love that one though and found it very well behaved.

      Have you tried Waterman's South Sea? I haven't used it in a flex nib yet but generally this ink is like the mother of all shading inks. ;)