Saturday, March 8, 2014

What I've been up to: Soap & Stuff

I haven't posted anything these last weeks, this is mainly because I've plunged myself head first into a new hobby. It's a very girlish one too: making soap!

Since this isn't "Fight Club" making soap really isn't all that exciting but I've always had a thing for handmade stuff, especially if I made them myself (like my notebooks). I feel that somehow this shares a common background with my fountain pen hobby which both are about making everyday moments (like writing or washing your hands...) very special ones.

Making soap also is all about transforming rather unimpressive raw ingredients (oils, water and crystalline, caustic sodium hydroxide) into a reassuringly firm and smooth something that cleans and conditions your skin at the same time. Also it's a great opportunity to play with scents which is another interest of mine.

Some soap I've made. Doesn't this remind you of a zen like Nakaya in heki-tame? ;)

These are two soaps I've made recently, the first is made of pumpkin kernel oil, coconut and shea butter - the pumpin kernel oil is responsible for the beautiful color which sadly won't last.

This creamy white soap is made of coconut, babassu, peanut and avocado oil and contains a generous amount of sea salt which some skins apparently love and mine obviously does.

Both will have to rest some more weeks though until their pH value has lowered enough to make them gentle enough for everday use.

Don't worry, I won't turn this into a soap blog, just wanted to show you what I'm playing with these days and I'm pretty confident I'll be back to fountain pens in no time!
I hope you're all enjoying the approaching springtime.