Sunday, July 28, 2013

A glimpse at Paper Republic

I've been quite busy lately, writing, work and last not least kitties have been keeping me occupied. Still I have at least a small snapshot of pen & paper content to show.

Nakaya Negoro fountain pen on Paper Republic Noto Notebook

This is my Nakaya shiro-tame nuri Negoro - more about that one here - resting on a notebook from Paper Republic. The Viennese manufacturers exclusively use hand printed Japanese papers for their notebook covers. I'm a big fan of those papers, the colors are gorgeous, the range of designs should offer something for everybody and they have a beautiful cloth-like feel to them, much like the covers of those Jenni Bick journals I mentioned earlier. Else they are pretty plain (too plain for my taste were it not for those adorable covers), filled with 96 pages of white Swedish Munken paper which means they are quite slim. They come in pocket and A5 size and if you choose to order one: shipping is free worldwide.

Munken paper has its fans among fountain pen users and I got to say there's no bleedthrough but the paper makes your lines appear wider than usual so a medium to fine nib is in order. On the upside drying time is very short and the paper has a nice substantial feel to it with a hint of feedback. I'll post some more conclusive pictures and more detailed info on those notebooks later.

I'll be off on a short vacation now and soon after that I'll be getting a new camera which will hopefully mean: more nice pictures for the blog. There's no lack of pens and papers standing in line to be reviewed. Have a great summer, everyone!