Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Omas Beauty: Ivory and Bronze

Autumn is here to stay, I'm back to Diamine Ochre, Ancient Copper and Noodler's Apache Sunset and surrounding myself with all kinds of beautiful, colorful things to lighten up my mood. Here's two of those things:

Omas Paragon in Arco brown, Omas Bibliotheque Nationale in ivory

An old style Paragon in Arco brown celluloid and a creamy white Bibliotheque Nationale which feels like it's also celluloid but I can't tell for sure. They both have medium nibs, the smaller one on the Bibliotheque being rigid and a little toothy, the one on the Paragon smooth and soft.

When I got the Extra Lucens I liked it even more than I had anticipated, especially one thing I'd expected the least to fall in love with: the weight. I've always preferred heavy pens. Obviously an Omas is just something different.

More pictures and writing samples coming up soon!

Which one of those two do you like better and what do you like or not like about Omas in general?


  1. the left one, really love that one, me wants :)

    1. Can relate. :-D Really in love with it too. Makes me wonder how i could overlook Omas celluloids for so long! Maybe it was the weight, I hadn't thought such a light pen to be acceptable for me until handling one of them.