Saturday, October 19, 2013

A time for birds

Followed a fancy and made this shot of two Pelikans. Can you guess which ones they are?

When I started reviving my interest in fountain pens 3 years ago I wasn't much into Pelikans, at least not into the Souverans. Their uniform Stresemann look appeared generic and boring to me. It wasn't until some time later that I grew fond of their depth and richness of color. Now I own a few Souverans plus two striking limited editions with mother of pearl.

These two are relatively large pens so they sport some juicy nibs to match: a factory IB and an OBB modified for more line variation by John Sorowka.


  1. I'd say a Pelikan M800 tortoise (with the gold cap top) and a blue M805 (silver top).

    1. You win! Though I believe it wasn't too hard if you've ever seen or held the respective pens. Do you like Pelikans?

    2. Yay!

      I have bought a green M800 with EF nib this summer. Spent some time reading about it, fussing over nib sizes, watching a few YouTube videos etc. I wanted a very practical pen for my relatively small scribbles at work. So far, it seems to have worked out just fine. Although it's called an EF, it is not scratchy at all. In fact, quite smooth, a pleasure to use.

      I might like a companion for this pen. Something bolder, more expressive. I have a vintage Montblanc 146 OBB at home which is great: wet, smooth, line variation. I just don't feel comfortable taking it with me as a daily writer to work, because of its age. So perhaps later this year a second Pelikan will be added to the flock.