Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Raden Pelikans

Pelikan M1000 Sunlight and Moonlight side by side

Got enough of the sparkly stuff already? Then bear with me just a little longer for I've got some more comparison shots to show.

Pelikan M1000 Moonlight & Sunlight
As you can see, the Raden stripes on the Sunlight, although narrower, catch the light more readily and give a more vivid reflection. The Moonlight gives a more peaceful overall impression. (Just came across an eBay listing where the seller had a wild mix of Sunlight and Moonlight pictures in his auction. The auction was about the Sunlight only. Zzzz... It's not that hard to see the difference, is it?)
Pelikan M1000 Moonlight & Sunlight

I haven't managed to take a really good photo of the artist's signatures so this will have to do. As you can see the pens were done by different workshops/artists. It doesn't bother me but it's still a weird thing to do when you're planning to issue a duo of pens.
Pelikan M1000 Moonlight & Sunlight
Pelikan M1000 Moonlight & Sunlight
So which one do you like better? I find it hard to decide.


  1. If only you could get the pics a bit darker...

    Just kidding, of course. The pens are lovely, to be sure, but I can't see enough of either of them to proffer an opinion.

    1. Hmm, are you possibly using a tablet or mobile? Those usually use rather high contrast display settings which can lead to visibility problems with low key pictures - also the colours can seem too saturated. With a calibrated TFT you shouldn't have any trouble. :)

  2. Actually, I'm using a MacBook Pro with a matte screen (slightly lower contrast than with a glossy screen), and the pens are visible -- though the 3rd pic is mighty dark. To really appreciate and evaluate the pens themselves, as opposed to appreciate the aesthetics of the pics, a light colored background would be more useful IMO.