Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily survival kit

When I go, these will go with me...

Women in general are infamous for the amount of things they "need" to carry around with them on a daily basis. In fact though, most people of either sex have a basic "survival kit" of items which they like to have close most of the time. So do I on most occasions when I leave the house for a longer period of time. Here's some of my daily stuff, in random order:

- notebook with handmade leather cover: for some work basics, intermittent strokes of genius as well as random things important enough to be put in writing. I made a separate post about this kind of notebooks here: Hand made leather journals - the work journal

 - appearance rescue kit: comb, powder, lip balm. Probably the one "female" point in this list. The comb is a really cute little toy made from horn which was a gift from a dear friend - an essential since I have long hair. Can't do without the lip balm either. At the moment it's plain shea butter, but I also like scented ones. Also like Blistex and Carmex for that cool-mint feeling.

- phone (SGS III): I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone. Mobile phones became attractive to me when they started offering mobile internet access (and the phone companies started offering reasonable prices for using it). I rarely call people or receive phone calls on it but still find lots of uses.

- e-reader (Kindle PW): There has hardly been any time in my life where I haven't gone through a few pages of a book every day. Like most bibliophiles I love the look and feel of a printed book. I also want to keep my paper books in the best possible condition. Carrying them around doesn't add to that whereas the kindle sits safely in his rugged leather sleeve, bearing no notice of harsh environments. I've had a Sony e-ink reader for two years until I received the PW as an early birthday present. (Thanks!) Awesome: some of the default screensavers show fountain pens and dip pens.
Currently reading: Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher series.

- Visconti 6 pen case: This is definitely one of the more awesome cases around. When it comes to pen cases, I'm a cheapass or, maybe more accurate: My standards of what is a reasonable price for an item may be distorted, but only when it comes to fountain pens. I'm not ready to shell out ridiculous amounts of money for pen cases though I do want to have my pens protected. The Visconti pen case comes in several sizes from 1 to 12 pens, it's a leather covered hard shell case and very reasonably priced. It carries the six pens I can't live without for the moment. The one that's peeping out is a Nakaya Negoro, you can find out more about that pen here: Oh noes it's broken!

Are you a watch-wallet-keys minimalist or do you lug half your household around for the day? What are your daily carry items?

P. S.: Of course I also carry keys, a wallet, something to eat and a bottle of ink! I just don't deem those interesting enough.

P. P. S.: I'm glad I took those pictures last week because today I'd freeze on the balcony. Brr! Spring, get a grip already!


  1. great to find out about the Visconti.
    I am using a pen case leather folding roll from Manufactum.
    problems is "fat" pens, and clip rubbings.


  2. You carry a bottle of ink with you as part of your basic survival kit?



    1. Yes, I do! :) Not a large glass flask though but one of the 30 ml Diamine plastic bottles. They are small and lightweight.

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