Saturday, October 13, 2012

The most curvy - Danitrio Mae West

New member of the "Best of" list will be arriving soon

I have to show you this gorgeous Urushi pen which will soon be on its way to me from California. Kevin, former seller of Danitrio - he will be retiring from it very soon -, allowed me to use his picture. Thanks, Kevin!

Danitrio Mae West in kawari-nuri Urushi. Picture by Kevin (winedoc).
Aren't those colours great? It's red and golden lacquer painted with a fine brush on a black background. Each hand made pen is unique, this one especially so because it's a prototype and the only "Mae West" model ever done in this style. It will be fitted with a flexible stub nib. Those nibs flex really well. They lay down a lot of ink even when unflexed, but that's just what I want. (Flexible nibs is a topic that deserves a post for itself, if not several).

The pen's unusual name is due to its curvy shape. It may be harder to see on this particular picture, but there isn't one straight line on this pen, everything follows graceful rounded lines. It is about as long as a MB 149 but should be somewhat fatter at the bulged parts. I'll take a picture for size comparison once it gets here.

Once it's shipped it will probably arrive here in one or two weeks. Can't wait!

PS: Take a look at the full review with my own pictures here: Danitrio Mae West II

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