Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hand made leather journals - the "art" journal

approximately 200 sheets of various papers and a pouch full of vintage pens. Good to go!

This is the Mr.-Hyde-Journal that never leaves the house unless it's for private purposes. I dedicated it to writing stories and poems and generally taking notes I could use for writing some day. I find the warm, dark brown more inviting for creative work than the businesslike black.

I picked a large wooden pearl for that one's closure ribbon and shimmering tiger's eye for the spine. It's currently holding 3 notebooks, a Leuchtturm1917 with dot grid, a Semikolon Schreibheft and a DIY one with Amalfi paper, that's the one in the middle with the fuzzy edges. It's very nice and special 100% cotton paper with a lovely soft texture, almost feels like cloth. I believe if you crumpled it in your hand it would behave more like a paper towel than something to write on. Unfortunately some pens share this point of view and won't write more than a few lines on it. Others couldn't care less.

I believe I'd love to get a letter written on this paper, it would feel like some precious gift.
OK, enough of Amalfi paper for now, I'll do a more detailed review of it another time since it's definitely one of my most appreciated papers and interesting too. Did you know that Amalfi has one of the oldest papermills in Europe? They learned the craft from the Arabians.

These hold the refills in place (and look quite beautiful besides).
Since this book has a more private character I also decorated the insides of the cover differently. Well, it's more like a "oh, this is nice, let's stick it to the journal" kind of process than actual decorating. Here's a glimpse.

".. like pictures in their head, and if it's a happy picture they smile and if it's a sad picture they cry." (Mark Haddon)
The quote is from Mark Haddon's "The curious incident with the dog in the night-time" where he tells a story about a boy with Asperger's Syndrome - or more like, lets the boy tell the story himself. It's got several great sentences like this one about how he sees the world, his family and people in general. It's also moving and funny.


  1. all designs of handmade leather notebooks are good a and if you need a personal diary the these are the best option for you.

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