Saturday, October 13, 2012

the most facets - Danitrio Octagon

Personal Best of, Part 4

(also starring: A Danitrio Takumi and some Jenni Bick leather journals.)

Another Danitrio, this time one that's already here with me! It's an Octagon, one of the two faceted models Danitrio offers. In comparison to Nakaya's decapod pens - which I'm not a fan of so I don't own one - the facets are more rounded and subtle. Still, since Urushi tends to be lighter and more vibrant at edges, it makes the colours pop, so it's just the right choice for tame-midori, a deep and dark forest green.

This is one of the smaller pens of Danitrio's line up, so it's about the length and girth of a Montblanc 149. It fills with a converter (international standard, conveniently).

As all the Danis I've owned yet, it sports maki-e Kanji somewhere on the barrel. Those don't tell anything about me, though, but about the person who painted the lacquer. It must be a good feeling to know that there are things all over the world which carry your name - even if you aren't a movie star or huge entrepeneur. 

This pen is far from home - its nib, however, isn't. Like many pen manufacturers, Danitrio buys their nibs from "Peter Bock" in Heidelberg here in Germany. At the beginning of the 20th century, Heidelberg must have been a metropolis for fountain pens and housed dozens of pen manufacturers. From that fountain culture mainly Montblanc, Pelikan, KaWeCo and Faber-Castell remained. And Bock nibs, which you can meet incognito in pens all over the globe.

the lighting makes the Takumi look faceted as well, it's cylindrical though.

Next to the Octagon there's another Danitrio, a Takumi, in the same colour. In that pen the green is much darker so it's practically black in plain daylight - until held next to black.

in plain light the colour looks very dark.

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  1. Lowly pictures - and pens! This is how I became aware of the octagon and midori-dame. My own is now in the mail.

    Thank you!