Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekly Pens: Week 43 - 2015

It's been a while since the last Weekly Pens!

Here's the pens I'm using this week. It's a wild mix but consistent in terms of nibs - all italics.

Montegrappa Miya Argento - IB nib - Sheaffer Skrip Black with multicolored pearl shimmer
ST Dupont Olympio - IM nib - Herbin Bleu Ocean
Pelikan Fantasia - IBB nib - Herbin Gris Orage
Conway Stewart Churchill - IB nib - Octopus Karamell with gold shimmer
Lamy Vista - 1,1 nib - Iroshizuku Yama Budo with pearl shimmer
TSWBI VAC - IB nib - Octopus Karibik

I've clearly been bitten by the shimmer bug but instead of investing in the Diamine Shimmertastic ink range I've started experimenting with mica shimmer of which I still had a fair amount left from soapmaking (as I've realized I prefer soap without any color in it).
I make sure to use those mixes only in pens which I can take apart completely and scrub the feed clean if need be.

Admiring the sparkles float around in the ink I noticed that I "needed" more demonstrators so I got the Lamy Vista - my only Lamy pen, I'm not a fan usually but the eyedropper Vista looks cool and the factory italic isn't bad either.

Also I managed to barter for the TWSBI VAC which is awesome! Thanks Volker, your notebook is almost finished.

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