Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nakayas nearly always lighten up my mood...

... which is why I need these pictures on a cold, grey and dark winter's morning like this one. The deep and vibrant colours, the wet-look glossy surface. Maybe you'll enjoy it as well, whatever the weather.

Danitrios, Nakayas and a Platinum Izumo.

Danitrios and Nakayas (and a savage dragon).


  1. *drool* what delightful pictures!!

  2. they are good colours even under San Francisco weather.
    I have yet to get one... but one day soon.

  3. ridiculously pretty! how does the urushi on the izumo compare to the nakaya and danitrio?

    1. Hi stephanie,
      Hard to judge for me! To my naked eye it looks just the same, color is somewhere between Nakaya's aka and kuro tame, deep and dark but no mistaking it for black. It's nice to hold. I really love the shape, it's more original than a Nakaya and a better deal too! Makes me wonder why there's so comparably little love for it.

    2. yes! I'm really taken by the shape, and was considering a custom Nakaya. but I kinda want an Izumo, either in one of the tamenuri shades or even the Yagumo-nuri. ahhh, decisions! but thank you for the input :) I'm going to toy with the idea of writing with that pen some more :)