Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Also: time for a new diary.

After having recovered from the New Year's Eve celebrations now is the time to prepare for going back to work and starting a new year. It's also the time to retire last year's diary (discard or keep - what's your approach?) and start the new one.

For me it's going to be my second Bomo Art diary as I've been really happy with the one I used in 2014. 

For the cover I chose the balloon motif again but with a dark green leather spine instead of the dark red I had last year.

The daily diary is A5 sized with a thick whiteish book block and ribbon bookmark. Like last year's specimen it feels like solid and durable work and indeed my old one has held up to daily use very well.

On the inside, besides one page for every day of the year there are all sorts of useful additions like international holidays, a register section for contacts and even a world map. For a closer look check my post about it from 2013.

 Like all Bomo products it has the "BomoArt Classic" embossing on the back cover.

 Seen here with my currently favorite writer, a Danitrio Mikado! The balloons really don't get old for me. I've had them on last year's and this year's diary, a notebook and my kindle cover, all with different colored leather spines which seem to enhance different aspects of the design.

 The paper is still very thin, my guess would be 60-70 g/m2 but amazingly ink friendly. For the smoke test I wrote a few lines with my Delta Dolce Vita medium with 1.1 steel italic nib which gushes like crazy since I've given the feed a good clean with dishwashing liquid (guess I didn't rinse it well enough) so even with dryish Rohrer & Klingner Salix there is a LOT of ink flow.

The picture was taken a few seconds after writing the words but as you can see the ink is still glistening. No feathering though.

 Also no bleedthrough on the back side. Quite impressive! At work I mostly use pencils to jot down notes and appointments - quick and convenient - but also my fountain pens if I have time. No problems with the paper anyway!

 That's the pen by the way! It came with a very dry 18 k fine nib which I didn't enjoy too much so I exchanged it for a Monteverde 1.1 steel italic and it's getting a lot more use now. The exchange was easy as the nib and feed pull out with very little force needed.
The original nib was full rhodium plated so I like to think pen and nib still look nice together though a closer look will of course reveal that there's some frankenpen-ness going on here!

Which daily diary will you be using this year? Do you have an all time favorite you buy every year or do you like to experiment? Do you have a specific pen to use it with?


  1. Lovely photos! Happy New Year.

  2. Great photos! Btw happy new year! Upon your advice, I bought Bomo Art diary, since I get used to Tomoe paper, I felt the paper is give some resistance to my nib. Now I am thinking to retry.
    You have such good handwriting. How did you improve it? Any advices?
    Do you accept pen-pals?

    1. Hi there, sorry for my super late reply! Also thanks for your praise though I don't feel like I really deserve it as I believe there's still such a lot to improve. If you are still interested I'd love to have new pen pals as a few of my former ones seem to be inactive now. Sometimes I need a few weeks to phrase a reply though. :)

    2. PS: As for working on my handwriting, I made this post a while ago:

  3. Thanks for your responses. Sorry for my belated answer. You are really modest about your handwriting. But teach me a lot how to improve my handwriting. I also appreciate accepting to exchange the letters. Would you please give me an e-mail address to learn your postal one?

    1. Hello :) Maybe you could send me an e-mail to ? Then we can exchange mail addresses. Looking forward to it!