Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mystery pen unveiled: Pelikan maki-e Fantasia

This week there's no "Weekly Pens" picture as there's been virtually no change since last week! Instead the mystery pen is being unveiled.

It came in a golden cardboard box with a paulownia wood box and some papers inside. The kanji are unreadable to me but my guess would be they are spelling the name of the pen or maybe the workshop which made it? Maybe one of my readers knows?

After opening the lid of the wooden box, the pen is safely nestled within folds of cream satin.

According to Pelikan the design is inspired by kimono patterns. On a backdrop of byakudan-nuri work - flakes of gold foil covered by lacquer - cherry blossoms and hexagons are painted in different colors of lacquer. Each hexagon is filled with a traditional Japanese motif. There is also amber (I think) and raden work.

There's one with the Asanoha pattern, gold on greeen with silver center points. I really like this pattern. Might get it tattooed one day. More eye candy following:

What really makes this pen special is the idea of a non black background. It's perfect, warm and vibrant without being overly colorful (YMMV).
Right now there's a medium nib in it. Filled with Noodler's Antietam which seems to reflect the color of the reddish brown lacquer backdrop.


  1. a loss for words here! Pelikan and maki-e - I had no idea there was such a beautiful combination.

  2. it's awesome and magic fountain pen, maybe unreachable right now. Therefore tracking on TWSBI diamond 580 and i will buy a new one i guess

  3. Beautiful pen!

    If you are still wondering:

    The writing above the red is the artist's name (the red is their stamp/seal).
    The writing in the middle is the name of the fountain pen: Komon Zakura.
    The writing other piece of writing is the method/technique used to make the pen: Kaga Togidashi Taka Maki-e.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Exquisite! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful and elegant as seems all that you touch.

  5. Would you ever consider selling such a beautiful pen?

  6. Would you ever consider selling such a beautiful pen?

    1. At least not for the moment, no, but I readily admit that there can be more important things in life than beautiful pens ;)