Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cat content

Tiny, silky soft and not pen related

The last weeks haven't given me much time to play with my pens or take pictures, mostly because of these two guys who moved in with us last Saturday!

Linus (cream) having an eye on Chaplin (red)

They are called Chaplin and Linus, they're brothers and thirteen weeks old. They love to play, grapple with each other and cuddle with one another and humans alike. They are extremely attentive to everything going on in the house, especially if it's making a crinkly or rattling sound. Being separated from their mother and their other siblings must've been hard on them but they've taken it really well and seem to feel quite at home as long as they've got each other. The first days they always stuck together closely but meanwhile they seem to feel safe enough to sleep in different rooms or do different things for a while.

The first time we saw them in the middle of April, by then they were hardly three weeks old and the long wait began - not quite as long as for a new Nakaya but still long enough!


As you can see, their eye color doesn't seem to have fully evolved yet. At the very edge of the iris they're still kitten blue, but the amber around the pupil will probably be the permanent color.
Warning: nasty phone snapshots following!

As our balcony is three stories above ground level and the railing wouldn't keep a cat in we decided to attach a net. Unfortunately the weather isn't warm enough at the moment but it seems they will like it a lot to be outdoors when it's warmer.

As soon as we get a bit more sun (I'm reluctant to use the flashes at the moment with the kitties around) I'll post some more pen & paper content as well - there's some pretty nice Monsieur Notebooks I'd like to show you, Rivoli stationery and a parcel from Paper Republic on the way!

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