Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's go to the papeterie

... because there's hardly any paper left!

Or is there?

In my last post I rambled about how great the internet is - and I'm definitely going to stick with my opinion here, however, no online shop can be as great as your small, crammed papeterie store where you can uncover all sorts of paper goodness. A few days ago I found one of these stores nearby. It was an enchanting experience (especially since I find most large stores rather disappointing in this respect). There were, of course, notebooks, greeting cards, photo albums of all kinds, there were notepads, gift wraps, pens - even a few fountain pens (by Lindauer). There were also paper lamps and all kinds of cute little gadgets. They even had a small selection of writing paper.

Here's what I brought home:

Bindewerk A5 journal
Beautiful yellow journal by Bindewerk from Bavaria, size A5 with lined pages. Flawless look and feel, haven't gotten around to testing the paper yet but it also feels good.

Letter writing set "Insects" by Le Typographe (A5)

Note pad (A5) and envelopes by Le Typographe, Belgium. White, exquisite feeling, watermarked paper with a little insect print on top of every page and each envelope. I'll definitely be on the lookout for other products by this brand, looks very interesting to me.

Also I found more writing paper sets, one with Vergé paper and a print of princes and princesses, the other plain ruled paper and envelopes with a map print on the inside.

It's awesome to browse offline stores for these kinds of things, touch book covers, dig for treasures on the lower shelves. Thank you, real life. ;-)

Are there any such stores in your area? Do you like to shop there?


  1. Have you tested Le Typographe with the fountain pen? I would love to read your impressions.

    1. Working on that! I've did a quick test run with the Le Typographe already and have to say that I like it a lot and it definitely tolerates ink, even a lot of it. Review coming up.

  2. there are no discernible paper stores in my area (San Francisco).
    there is a Japanese paper store (Berkeley),
    but they stopped carrying paper for handwriting,
    because the market has died (commercially).
    also, I like A4 paper for letters...
    there is one store that caries Italian paper,
    which is nice, and now a Czech paper maker.

    so, it is a matter of amassing paper while in Europe,
    and hauling it home.

    despite all the new paper-makers,
    the Japanese « Awagami Paper » remains the best I have tried.
    luckily, the sell direct from Japan.