Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hello & welcome

Pens, inks, paper and all the rest: Welcome to my little blog!

Danitrio Genkai, seirei-nuri

For quite a while I've wanted to start a little blog, a place to put my pen pictures, writing samples, ink reviews and whatnot - and maybe write a bit about all the rest that makes life interesting.

I'm a 29 year old girl, located in Germany, with a passion for beautiful things and writing since I was a little girl. For a few years now I've been collecting - well, I'm not much of a collector really, so let's say accumulating - fountain pens, papers and inks from all over the world, and hopefully over time I'll get to share a fair bit of my collection with my readers. I've also worked a lot on my handwriting (work in progress) and have currently started - well, more like given up on - Palmer Method. I will... might... should revive that some day!

For now I'll start with a few pictures. Please excuse that huge watermark, I've already had some of my pictures show up on eBay so I guess that's necessary.

Ferrari da Varese "Botticelli" white mother of pearl

hand made leather journals for Din A5 inserts


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